"There was blood all over the dash"

A former Kelowna resident says the use of drugs in the city is a major problem.

Stephanie Dietrich, who now lives in Vancouver, was visiting her grandmother this past weekend.

She parked her car outside the Village at Mill Creek seniors home.

The next morning, she went out to her vehicle only to find it was broken into with blood on the dash and two needles on the floor.

"I didn't take pictures because we were so disgusted. We just wanted to sanitize everything. We didn't even want to get in it. We immediately got it cleaned".

Dietrich says the police have promised to increase the number of patrols in the area.

"It is one thing to break into cars, but it is another thing to spend time in someone else’s vehicle and do that and then leave your mess behind....I think it is crossing the line", Detrich added.    

She would like to see people with a drug problem get the help they need.

"You can spend all the money you want on enforcing something, but if there is no treatment or harm reduction programs to help them get up and out of that situation and there is no education for the entire community, you are just wasting your money".