Thief steals packages off porch

Kelowna RCMP are investigating after a man walked up to a Glenmore home, and stole two packages off the front step this week.

It happened in the middle of the day on Wednesday, when Lorrie Fitzpatrick-Bialecki and her husband Dan were both at work.

She says the packages had been delivered hours before she got another phone notification from her surveillance system.

"I was actually on a break at work, and my surveillance sends me messages whenever there's movement. I checked it, and I saw the gentleman coming up to the door and taking the packages - I was like oh my goodness, my heart just dropped," she said.

"I immediately got on the phone with my husband, because I don't have time to call the RCMP. I was like, you need to call the RCMP for us."

She says there wasn't anything of major value stolen, but that it will cost the couple hundreds of dollars to replace the deliveries.

"On our end, it was a lot of money for us. It wasn't one particular expensive thing, it was just a lot of household things," she said.

"To this individual, I don't think it would have been a big bonus for him, it's not like it was a cell phone or anything of major value. It was just little things that ended up adding up."

Fitzpatrick-Bialecki says this was more serious than petty thefts they'd heard of in the past.

"We are new to the neighbourhood - I do have friends who are in different areas of Glenmore. There have been, if they leave their car door unlocked, someone will have gone through their car and taken the change, or whatever was lying around in their vehicle."

You can watch the video here, and find it on our AM 1150 Facebook page.