Thirty Cats Surrendered to Okanagan SPCA

Two local SPCA branches are dealing with a sudden influx of kittens.

A Penticton resident has surrendered thirty cats to the SPCA.

The sudden intake has put a burden on local SPCA resources, especially since many of the new kittens require veterinary treatment.

"None of them have been fixed and none of them have had the benefits of vaccines" said Kelowna Branch Manager Sean Hogan. "It will probably be two weeks before we see them come up available for adoption."

Twelve of the new arrivals have been transferred to Kelowna.

It's not the first time the unnamed resident has suddenly surrendered a hoard of kittens. In October, the same person was relieved of 111 cats.

"These are under-socialized cats" said Hogan. "It's safe to say they've got how to be a cat down pretty good but how to interact with people and how to be ready for a home, we've got some work ahead of us."

If you'd like to help you are asked to drop off gift cards to places like Costco or PetSmart - so the SPCA can buy specific items like kitty litter and food.