Three horse race for mayor

Mayor Colin Basran will have at least two challengers for his job next month.

Bob Schewe filed his nomination papers on Thursday, joining Josh Hoggan for the position.

Interested individuals running for mayor, councillor or school trustee must pick up their nomination packages by next Friday. 

The election is Saturday, October 20th. 

How is the best way to keep track of who is running for a seat in Kelowna's municipal election?

The City has set up a website with the names of the candidates that have filed their nomination papers.

Chief Election Officer Karen Needham was asked if this is something new.

"No, we did this the last two elections. It has certainly been very popular for a lot of people to keep track just to go to one spot and see who's running."    

The website features the candidates contact information, whether it be a phone number, e-mail or personal Facebook page.