Trade War Slows Down for Now

While BC and Alberta Premiers have been butting heads over what will happen with the Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion, it looks like things are settling down for the time being, with Alberta Premier Rachel Notley saying she will not seek any further escalation, at least for now.

The question is: how long will it be until the situation either completely diffuses, or does escalate?

The conflict began when BC Premier John Horgan proposed regulations to limit the amount of bitumen coming into the province from Alberta due to environmental concerns.

Notley was quick to respond, initially threatening to stop buying electricity from BC, before placing a ban on BC wine imports into Alberta.

Many wineries, including some right here in Kelowna, have expressed their frustrations at Notley targeting the wine industry in a conflict stemming something that has absolutely nothing to do with wine. 

BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson also chimed in while visiting a local winery on Friday, likening the current trade conflict to a "silly schoolyard dispute."

Notley says she will wait to see how talks between the BC and Federal governments go, but if BC Premier John Horgan still won't budge from his stance on the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion, Notley says that she "will have no choice but to respond."

The Alberta Premier also plans to unveil a new online service which will allow the public to weigh in on the ongoing trade dispute between the two provinces.