Traffic Delays Due to Conduit Installation

Starting Monday, March 12th, there will be a few minor delays on Glenmore Road, from Snowsell Street to John Hindle Drive in Kelowna.

This is due to the ongoing installation of the City's dark fibre network, which has already seen 16 kilometers of conduit installed this year, and another 20 kilometers expected by the end of the year.

A dark fibre network is an unused, privately owned fibre optic network. The City's plan for this network is to allow infinite data to flow between businesses in the area for a fixed rate, which would help improve City service delivery and attract investments from the high-tech sector.

The Glenmore Road installation will be approximately 1.4 kilometers long, and construction in that area is expected to wrap up on March 31st.

For more information on the City's dark fibre network, go to