Traps set on trails in Upper Mission

The Okanagan Forest Task Force is frequently in the back country cleaning up illegal dump sites, and last weekend the group's Kane Blake came across a trap set for dirt bikers. 

Blake says his wife, mother-in-law and 8-year-old son were riding their off-road vehicles on some trails near the Gillard Forest Service Road in the Upper Mission, when they stopped to check out a big pile of garbage.

"This one trail, where it splits into a 'Y', they had strung along high-strength, light blue rope - so it matched the sky - between three trees on that 'Y' - one in the middle of the trail, and then one on either side, so both trails had rope at perfect neck height for quadders and dirt bikers and we ended up cutting it down," he says.     

Blake says whether someone was angry about illegal dumping - or upset about dirt bikes and ATV's - this could have been deadly.

He says the group's next big back country clean-up is planned for June 3rd on Postill Lake Road.

The Okanagan Forest Task Force was formed in the summer of 2016 and the first official clean-up was on September 10th at a popular shooting range along Postill Lake Road.

That first effort resulted in the removal of more than 3 metric tonnes of garbage by a group of 15 volunteers.