UBCO Political Science prof on the SNC Lavilin affair

Carl Hodge is a Political Science Professor at UBCO. He's been watching the SNC Lavilin scandal as it threatens to unravel the Trudeau government.

Hodge says it's significant when former Attorney General Jodi Wilson-Raybould and former Treasury Board President Jane Philpot both want to remain loyal to the liberal caucus but don't want anything to do with the cabinet under Prime Minister Trudeau.

Hodge says, "There's been some degree of political interference here, to what degree I'm not sure. It was strictly speaking not illegal, but spectacularily unethical." Hodge says if nothing else, Trudeau is guilty of mismanaging his office and the cabinet. 

He sees the Prime Minister as the big loser no matter what he says or does. "That's ominous, especially in an election year." Hodge says, "It would be historic if the Liberal party made a sitting Prime Minister face a leaership challenge, but with the Lavilin affair, in a sense, he's already facing an informal leadership challenge."

Hodge predicts even more unravelling of Trudeau's leadership before the SNC Lavilian scandal goes away.