UBCO students not focused on BC election

According to a quick unscientific survey by AM 1150 News, most of the Kelowna university students we talked to are not thinking about the provincial election next week.

We asked University of BC Okanagan students if they could name at least one of the party leaders.

The most frequent response to the question ""Do you know any of the candidates?" was "No", but when asked who BC's current premier is, students fared better. 

-"Oh, ummm, I should. Christy Clark?"

-"Well I know Christy Clark is one of them and then I wouldn't be able to tell you the other two."

- "Well I know its Christy Clark for Liberal. I can't think of the others names, but yeah I guess that's all I know."

Students stated there's a lack of information on voting, outside of their regions, and information about who to vote for isn't easily accessible. 

Less than half of millennial men and women voted in the provincial election back in 2013.