Uber and Lyft concerned about BC regulations for ride-sharing


The BC government has released it's rules and regulations for ride-share and both Uber and Lyft are concerned.  

Uber Canada says it's reviewing the new requirements to determine how they may impact their ability to provide the service in our province.

The big issue is the rule that drivers must have a commercial Class 4 licence.

Other provinces with ride-sharing call it unnecessary red tape.

Lyft Canada Managing Director Aaron Zifkin agrees. 

"When you look at the data across our platform, we operate right across North America now with millions of rides every week, 91 percent of our drivers drive for less than 20 hours a week. The reality is that they're not going to drive if they have to spend that kind of money and time on a Class 4."

Zifkin contends that requiring professional driver status for ride-sharing will just guarantee the service will not be able to meet demand.

"We talk about safety a lot of the time and I think it's important to understand, safety has always been the number one concern for Lyft but there's no evidence to substantiate the claim that a Class 4 licence is safer than a Class 5 licence, your typical driver's licence."

The NDP government says the licensing regulation is "non-negotiable."