Unemployment rate down again in BC

The unemployment statistics for the month of May are in and at 5.4 percent nationally, it's the lowest since 1976. That was the year Statistics Canada began keeping track.

BC Jobs Minister Bruce Ralston has a smile.

"We're doing pretty well here. The unemployment rate went down to 4.3 percent which continues the streak. We have the lowest unemployment rate in Canada for the 22nd month in a row. So things are looking good."

Ralston says there were 16 thousand, 800 new jobs created in BC in May and over two thirds of those were full-time.

The Minister says it's the private sector, not government, creating these opportunities.

"Wholesale and retail is up, manufacturing up, education services, agriculture, transportation, healthcare and social assistance, utilities, information, culture and recreation, construction, these are the sectors that are doing well."

Ralston says the challenge for restaurants and tourism is finding part-time workers and when hired, keeping them.