Update: City wipes away $500 ticket for busker

The City of Kelowna is backing down, after a local musician was slapped with a $500 dollar fine for busking with a guitar amp downtown last weekend.

Michael Elliott was outside of the Starbucks at Bernard and Pandosy, when a bylaw officer wrote the ticket for a noise violation.

In a statement from the city, staff say they've reviewed the circumstances around the incident, and have decided to downgrade the fine to a warning.

Bylaw is also once again clarifying that it did get a complaint from someone in a nearby building, and that the only reason Elliott was asked for his busking permit was to see if he'd been in contact with Festivals Kelowna.

Their busking program allows for amps to be used by buskers, but only if the musician has a permit, and is performing at one of 16 designated busking stops.