Update: Springfield house fire ruled accidental

Update (6:00 pm):

Kelowna RCMP say a house fire that killed a woman on Tuesday morning was started accidentally.

Police say that investigators have fully wrapped up work at the scene, and that the fire is believed to have been sparked by an electrical outlet.

It happened at about 5 am at a home on Springfield Road, where two adults and two children were living.

The man and two kids survived, but the woman did not, after she went back into the home to try and save a pet.

The BC Coroners aren't planning to publicize the identity of the victim.

The Kelowna RCMP says a woman has died after a fire this morning.

It started at about 5:00 this morning, at a home on Springfield Road, by Graham Road.

Police say witnesses told them about a man passing by the house, who was one of the first to see the fire.

He reportedly pulled into the driveway and laid on the horn to make sure the family inside was awake.

The fire was so intense that firefighters initially weren't able to safely get into building.

Witnesses also told investigators that the two adults and two children initially got safely out of the home, before the woman went back inside the building.

Unconfirmed media reports say she was trying to find a family pet.

The house was destroyed in the fire, which is still under investigation by the RCMP and Fire Department.

As of mid-afternoon, crews had kept part of the right lane closed on Springfield, heading east from Graham. 

Then just after 6 am, crews were called to the Connect IT building at Harvey and Kirschner.

A fire had started in a computer server room on the second floor, and had extended all the way up to the ceiling.

The fire was brought under control quickly, though the building suffered structural, smoke, and water damage.

The Department is reminding everyone to check the batteries in their smoke alarms.