Updated needle strategy coming

The City of Kelowna is taking additional steps to deal with the increasing number of used needles lying around in public spaces.

While a used needle can be reported by calling the Kelowna Fire Department’s non-emergency line at 250-469-8801, the City is in the process of refining that process.

“We’ll be coming out in a couple of weeks with the updated procedures that we’ll have in place,” says Public Safety Liaison Bill McKinnon. “This will include links to Interior Health, as well as instructions on what to do if you step on a needle.”

McKinnon, a former RCMP Superintendent, was recently tapped by the City to look into several public safety initiatives.

“It’s an enormous task,” says McKinnon. “I’m looking at not only enforcement in relation to the issues of downtown Kelowna, but everything from the RCMP, to bylaws, to BC Housing.”

McKinnon says he plans on presenting a list of recommendations to council on these initiatives sometime after this fall’s municipal election.