Vegan protesters rally outside of Ribfest

A group of protesters was on hand to greet people heading down to Ribfest at City Park on Friday.

The group described themselves as peaceful protesters, who were promoting the vegan diet.

Sisters Olivia and Tessa Gordey helped organize the rally, and say there's many more reasons to avoid animal products, than there are to eat them.

"It's a three birds, one stone kind of thing. Because it's the best for your health, it's the best for the animals, and it's the best for the environment. It's one of the easiest things you can do to cause the least amount of suffering," said Olivia.

"There's a million reasons to go plant-based, and there's only one reason not to, and that's the fact that you'd like to eat meat," said Tessa.

Olivia, Tessa, and their sister Teghan are the owners and operators of the Naked Cafe, which specializes in a fully vegan menu.

Tessa says she remembers being ridiculed - even by her friends' parents - for being vegetarian as a kid.

"It's just funny, because now you see all these parents coming into the cafe, and they're trying to eat plant-based. And it's funny, because you're just there for support - I'm so happy they're on board," she said.

"10 years ago, they didn't know, and they literally made fun of it. And now they're coming around, because they've been educated. It's really cool to see."

Their group was also joined by her pet pig, Cece.

Tessa says they thought more about activism after reading about the Yulin Dog festival in China, where dogs are rounded up, butchered, and eaten.

But Olivia says they're not trying to shame meat-eaters, but rather educate them on alternate choices.

"The whole thing about veganism and spreading the word is, it's not about being perfect, and being the best, and better than anybody, it's not," she said.

"Do what you can do, make small choices everyday. If you're going to get a latte, get an almond milk latte. Simple things."

They say they're hoping to organize volunteers to keep the rally going over as much of the weekend as they can.