Violent Outburst Raises Safety Concerns Downtown

The Bliss Bakery in downtown Kelowna was the scene of a violent outburst on Thursday.

Surveillance video shows a man picking up a patio chair and hurling it at the bakery's front windows.

A metal window frame stopped the chair from sailing through the glass and into a woman sitting inside. 

The unknown man then picked up the chair and flung it through another window, before continuing down the street.

According to the bakery's owner, Darci Yeo, it's just the latest in a series of incidents related to a temporary homeless shelter nearby.

"People have been coming in when the warming shelter closes at seven-thirty, eight o'clock in the morning" said Yeo. "People come in and they're looking for free food or free coffee and then, when we won't give it to them, they'll start yelling profanities at staff"

Yeo sees the apparently unprovoked outburst on Thursday as escalation of the issue.

"To take it to this level, where there's physical violence being done, it makes us very concerned all the way around."