Wanna drive one of these?

They're luxurious, environmentally-friendly - and extremely fast - and now the owner of Power Trips - a company based in Vernon says they've got the Tesla Model S for rent.

Ryan Silverthorn, a former golf pro at Predator Ridge, says he started up his niche car rental company after the interest he saw in Teslas at events he participated in at the golf course.

"We saw the interest in the brand, and so it kind of spurred my imagination that people really want to drive these cars, so we saw a gap in the market," says Silverthorn "We thought people would be interested in trying out these cars because they're unlike anything else out there."    

Silverthorn says Power Trips will also be adding to their fleet with the arrival of the Tesla Model X SUV. Once they become available in Canada, they plan to have a sizeable fleet of the Tesla Model 3's which are the more affordable option.

He says what really helped power the idea, was the ever-growing network of charging stations in the valley at various resorts, hotels and restaurants.

"In Kelowna at the Best Western Hotel they have an eight-bay super-charger station which allows us to charge our cars from near zero to almost 80% in as little as 30 minutes," says Silverthorn. 

So how fast is a Tesla Model S? Silverthorn says they go from zero to 100 kph in 4 seconds. 

The cars sell for between $125 and $250,000 - but PowerTrips will let you feel like an owner for about $90-bucks-an-hour. 

Visit PowerTrips.ca for more information