Warm Weekend Coming

Don't let the cool start to the week fool you.  If the early forecast is correct we'll be enjoying some warmth this weekend and possibly into next week.

Monday/Tuesday we could see some flurries but Wednesday the sun is expected to break through and give us a high of 7 degrees.  Some precipitation could come back Thursday/Friday, but Lisa West from Environment Canada says a big swing in temperature is likely going to happen Saturday and Sunday.  "For most of the winter we've been under this persistent northwesterly flow (bringing) a lot of cold air to the province, but as we get later into the week, and certainly on the weekend, the flow shift to more of a southwesterly flow and will bring a much warmer air mass." 

As of Monday afternoon, the expectation is highs of 10 Saturday and 11 Sunday. She couldn't give an estimate of exactly how warm it might be but West said we should at least stay around seasonal temperatures until the middle of next week.

FYI:  Just 15 days away from the first day of spring.