Water restrictions kick-in this weekend


This Sunday sees the annual return to twice weekly outdoor water restrictions for the six water systems operated by the Regional District of Central Okanagan.

From June 16th until September 15th each year unless otherwise noted, Stage 2 water restrictions are in place for the Star Place, Falcon Ridge, Killiney Beach, Sunset Ranch, Upper Fintry-Shalal Road-Valley of the Sun and Westshore water systems.

Stage 2 means if needed, outdoor watering is restricted on those six systems to two days each week. RDCO water customers with even number addresses may water outdoors on Saturday and Tuesday while those with odd addresses may only irrigate outside on Sunday and Wednesday.  Communications Officer Bruce Smith says “If you don’t need to water gardens and lawns on your allotted day and time period, please don’t waste water. By following the outdoor watering restrictions, residents will help ensure that system reservoirs are replenished and there’s an adequate water supply for everyone.”

The Regional District Water Systems Regulations Bylaw No. 1370 also outlines the hours for automated and manual outdoor irrigation.  Customers with automated sprinklers should only water between midnight and 6:00 am on their designated day, while those with manual outdoor irrigation must restrict their watering to between 6:00 am and 11:00 am and 6:00 pm and midnight on their respective irrigation day. 

The rest of the year, between September 16th and June 15th – Stage 1 Restrictions are in place allowing customers to water outdoors on alternating days based on their odd or even street address number.

For more tips on water conservation inside and outside your home, visit the Regional District Water System webpage at regionaldistrict.com/water.  Customers may also sign up there to receive email notifications of any water advisories or special maintenance works affecting their water system.

Starting July 1st new User Fees and Asset Renewal Fees will begin for all six RDCO water systems.  A Water Rate Estimator Tool is available for customers to check the impact of the new rates at www.regionaldistrict.com/WaterRates.

The Regional District water systems provide service to just over 1,000 connections in the six water system areas.