Water Woes

The South East Kelowna Irrigation District(SEKID) has issued a BOIL WATER NOTICE. The order is effective immediately and remains in effect until further notice.

The Boil Water Notice is required because of increased turbidity in source water from  Hydraulic Creek. The melting snow at the lower elevations has increased flow at the District intake and the unusually high snow pack this winter could result in poor water quality for some time.

This notice applies to all residents receiving water from the South East Kelowna Irrigation District, and, Hall Road residents who receive water from the O’Reilly Road well.

During a boil water notice, tap water used for drinking, ice cubes, brushing teeth, or rinsing ready-to-eat-foods should be brought to a rolling boil for one minute.  Owners of all public facilities must post Boil Water Notices at all sinks or drinking water fountains.


The District of Peachland has instituted a WATER QUALITY ADVISORY, effective immediately.

While the associated health risks are minimal, Interior Health recommends that children, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems should drink boiled water or a safe alternative until further notice.