Waterfront apartment project also taking on city infrastructure

A proposed set of high-rise waterfront apartments also includes plans to improve city infrastructure.

Mission Group is planning to add 350 residential units with a trio of towers that extend as high as 19 stories, at its Aqua project south of the Eldorado.

Vice President of Development Luke Turri says the changes will make things more efficient, and allow for new staging lanes that'll get more boats in and out of the lake at one time.

"That includes the extension of Cook Road, from Lakeshore Road to Truswell Road. Currently it dead-ends at the public boat trailer parking area. And then the proposal also includes upgrading of the public boat trailer and car parking area, and making more efficient public launching areas for the Cook Road boat launch," he said.

"That work was done by a traffic engineer from Vancouver, in consultation with the City of Kelowna. So it's public infrastructure that will be built as part of the Aqua proposal. But it would be the city's infrastructure, that was designed and vetted through the city's transportation group."

While the plans call for those improvements as well as a private boat storage facility, there are no plans to build a new marina for the water.

Mission Group hosted its own public info session for the project on Tuesday, and is awaiting a public hearing in council chambers next Tuesday.