Weather will take a turn this week in Kelowna

The weather will take a turn this week - beginning Tuesday afternoon it'll cool off with the return of showers. 

Environment Canada's Doug Lundquist says the system is expected to stick around for the rest of the week.

"We don't expect the ridge to build back like it did on Sunday and Monday, and as a result, it'll stay showery throughout the week. We're forecasting daytime to be cool - only 15 or 16 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday which is actually the first time in many, many moons it's been below average," says Lundquist. 

The normal high for this time of year is 21 degrees - the normal low is 7.

Lundquist says precipitation amounts will vary from one neighbourhood to the next.

"Tuesday through Friday - maybe just a millimetre or 2 on some days. On the rainiest day, or if you're in the right location, it coud be as high as 5-millimetres in the Kelowna area," he says. 

Lundquist says it looks like it'll improve on the weekend, with sunshine for Saturday and Sunday, and highs near 20.