West Kelowna comfortable with snow clearing contractor

In spite of all the snow, West Kelowna is still in pretty good shape, according to its mayor.

Doug Findlater says that unlike Kelowna, the city doesn't own and operate its own fleet.

"We have a fixed-price contract with AEL. We pay them for 15 snow events a year, and than there's something like 20 thaw-freezing events where they have to get out and sand," he said.

"Last time I checked, which was about a month ago, we were well under those 15 events. We may be approaching those 15 events."

He says the plan is to extend that contract for another year, before looking at more permanent options, and that the option of the city doing that work itself could be a part of that.

"We'd need a business plan, what's that going to cost? I think it'd be probably pretty expensive in terms of capital to fire up all those trucks and plows and so on, hire more people," he said.

"I think we're probably better to stay with a contractor, that's my personal opinion. But I haven't seen a business plan either way."

The city-operated fleet in Kelowna had used about 50% of the yearly budget as of early this week, which an official said wasn't very abnormal.