West Kelowna considering on-street parking ban after heavy snow

West Kelowna council is asking the city to come up with proposals on prohibiting on-street parking during major snowfalls.

At Tuesday's meeting, Mayor Doug Findlater raised the issue.

He says vehicles that get in the way become a nuisance for everyone else.

"You've still got these big bulges of snow that go to the centre line in some streets, because the plows are working around vehicles that have been abandoned. It must be tough for plow operators to do their job," he said.

"There have been some plow-parked car altercations as well - that's costing somebody money."

Councillor Bryden Winsby says council should proceed with caution.

"There are people that are going to be caught with their shovels down, pardon the expression, when these things (heavy snowfalls) happen," he said.

"It can happen in the middle of the night, they can happen when you're out of town, it's not just that simple - 'Oh, it's snowing, I think I'll move the car into the driveway I don't have.' It's not that easy," he said.

Council passed the motion by a vote of 4-2, and will see staff's recommendations at a future meeting.

Councillors Duane Ophus and Rosalind Neis voted in opposition.