West Kelowna fire caused by candle

At about 7:45 pm on Friday, West Kelowna Fire Rescue responded to an apartment fire in the 2,000 Block of Hebert Road.

Assistant Chief Brent Watson says the first arriving crews reported heavy smoke and flames through the roof of the 15 unit townhouse complex, and a second alarm was requested. 

Three of the 15 units were heavily damaged, with several others sustaining smoke and water damage.

Watson says a candle near a doorway in one of the lower suites ignited some clothing, and a couch, and the fire eventually extended into the upper suites.

All of the units were safely evacuated and no people or pets were hurt. The occupants are in the care of Regional Emergency Support Services. It is unknown if any of the occupants had insurance.

Watson says damage is estimated at well over $200,000.

He says the strata is now working with the restoration company to get everyone back into their units as quickly as possible.