West Kelowna flood recovery rings in at $5.2M

The City of West Kelowna says cleanup from the spring flooding will carry a price tag of $5.2 million.

The city will be on the hook for 20 percent of that total, which is roughly $1.05 million.

In a report to council, staff say water levels in Smith Creek, Powers Creek, McDougall Creek, and Keefe Creek rose to record heights back in the spring.

That's not including Okanagan Lake, which sat at 343.25 metres above sea level at its peak, which is 77 cm above full pool.

Nearly 20% of the total cost will be spent on $960,000 worth of dredging excess sediment out of the Powers Creek water treatment plant's intake pipe.

Another $925,000 will be spent on dredging and repairing the fish habitat in McDougall Creek, as well as the Powers Basin at the bottom of Gellatly Road.

Other expenses include $120,000 for repaving on Green Bay road, and another $5000 for repairs to Green Bay Landing, after the low lying neighbourhood experienced some of the most serious flooding.

Staff say 300,000 sandbags alone were used solely in that neighbourhood.

The city will also hire a full-time project manager for 12 months to oversee the work, and will also have 80% of their salary come from provincial funding.

About a third of the projects already have government approval, with everything scheduled to be finished a year from now.

The city is proposing to add nearly $570,000 into this year's budget, and another $478,000 next year.