West Kelowna Mayor Aims to find Balance in Blackmun Bay

West Kelowna Council continues to way the merits of a controversial waterfront development.

Blackmun Bay would introduce 300 new homes into the Casa Loma neighbourhood.

However, a petition with 300 signatures says that's far too much density.

Mayor Gord Milsom was a guest on AM 1150's Early Edition.

"What is a concern to the community, is the size and scope of the project" said Milsom. "It pretty well would double the population of Casa Loma."

On Tuesday, council delayed second reading of a motion to approve the project.

The Mayor wants to protect the character of his community without hindering its growth.

"What really makes West Kelowna special, in many ways, is the rural feel we have within our neighbourhoods. That's what we have to consider."

The city has opted for further consultation with both the developer and the community, ahead of a public hearing on the project.