West Kelowna vet comes to aid of feline

A West Kelowna vet has shown again that his heart is in the right place when treating animals. 

Dr. Oz from Rose Valley Veterinary Hospital donated time, medication and boarding to Casador, an injured cat belonging to a resident of Kelowna’s Gospel Mission’s emergency shelter. Casador’s owner is temporarily living at the shelter while looking for affordable housing that will accept a pet.

JoAnne McKenzie, Outreach Worker at Kelowna’s Gospel Mission said “Casador has a kennel in the back of our shelter for sleeping but stays outside, close to the shelter during the day.  A few days ago, Casador’s owner noticed Casador had been injured. With no money for a vet we called Dr. Oz who did not hesitate to see Casador. Once there, he examined Casador, provided medication and is keeping him until he is fully healed, which will take about two weeks. 

At $200.00 for medication and $50.00 per day for boarding, this donation was crucial to Casador’s health.

"When I first met Casador’s owner, he had lost his job, housing and was sleeping on the street behind a building. Because he suffers from depression, Casador is his lifeline. We helped him to replace stolen ID, provided a bed and are helping him to look for suitable housing. At the shelter, Casador’s owner works hard to get his life back on track. He volunteers washing dishes every morning. He was so amazed that Dr. Oz was willing and eager to help and said there are still good people out there. Without the compassionate help of Dr. Oz, Casador’s owner could have been easily derailed from his progress of getting his life back on track,” McKenzie added.