Wet, warmer weather headed our way

After a stretch of snow and below seasonal temperatures, we can expect some above seasonal temperatures over the next few days.

Environment Canada Meteorologist, Doug Lundquist says there's going to be a change in the pattern to warmer temperatures, particularly during overnight hours over the next few days.

“We have a frontal system moving in and it’s going to bring with it some showers, off and on, for the next several days,” he says “But more importantly it’s going to stir the cold air that remains in the valley, out of the valley, and usher in much warmer conditions for the next little bit”

Environment Canada is forecasting a chance of rain every day for the next several days and daytime highs of about 6 degrees.

While there is rain in the forecast, Lundquist predicts it won't be a significant amount.

With the plus temperatures though, a snowmelt is expected and residents are encouraged to clear catch basins near their home to eliminate the risk of flooding.