Whacking a Wasp


They can be the most unwelcomed guest at an outdoor barbecue.

No, we aren't talking about your in-laws.

Wasp populations are at record numbers.

In the Okanagan, it’s a far cry from the smoky summer of 2018 that kept them away.

"To an insect where there is smoke there is fire. Where there is fire it is a hazard to the nest. So they kind of hunker down and try to protect the nest. This year we have had very little smoke. It has been hot and nice and not lots of moisture."

Steve Ball of Kelowna based ''Bug Master Pest Control' says they are receiving between 15 and 20 calls a week from the public who are dealing with the problem. 

But there is an upside to the pesky creatures.

"Without them, there is speculation that the human race would last 40 days without the pollinator’s. As much as we hate them and sting us, we can't live without them." Ball added.