What to expect on October 17

With the date for cannabis legalization approaching quickly, we wondered what Okanagan Valley producers are expecting. The answer, it seems, is not much.

Tyler Robson is CEO of a Lake Country cannabis company called Valens. They specialize in oils and already ship across Canada and to both Australia and Columbia. Robson thinks October 17th will be underwhelming because provincial and municipal governements simply aren't ready. The opening of retail stores has been slowed by beauraucracy. The approval process is taking time and the development of regulations is brand new for cities like Kelowna.

On top of that, Robson says demand for cannabis products is huge. He worries that there'll be a shortage as government agencies take an extra cautious approach.

Robson believes one of the key products for the future will be cannabis infused beverages. He says Valens has partnered with a beverage company from Washington State to develop the science required for infusion and have the beverage products ready to market when governments give the ok. It's expected that it'll be another year before a pot pop will be available.

Valens has already expanded their Lake Country facility to 25 thousand square feet and they are building a 400 thousand square foot greenhouse growing operation in the Armstrong area.