When safety is an issue, the RCMP want to hear from you

In recent weeks, there has been significant information on social media regarding vandalism, threateneing behaviour and general safety concerns in Kelowna. 

It seems that Kelowna's frustration has been spilling over onto Facebook and the poice have taken note. 

RCMP Superintendant Brent Mundle says, "A number of these things have not been brought to our attention. Of course the Bliss Bakery incident was, we attended and arrested an individual."

In that example, a man through a chair through a window.

Mundle says, "I certainly hope that if people are concerned or are seeing behaviours that are criminal in nature, that they are calling us rather than going to social media. The only way we can deal with these situations is if we're made aware of them."

Mundle says the RCMP can't respond to an incident they know nothing about.

He urges every Kelowna resident to use the phone whenever a vioilent or threatening incident occurs.