Why is gas so much cheaper down the road?


Editors note: Since this story first aired this morning, where gas prices were 116.9 cents a litre, they have now jumped in Penticton to as high as 135.9 cents a litre. 

It's a head scratcher as to why gasoline prices are so high in Kelowna and so low in Penticton.

In Kelowna, motorists are paying 134.9 cents a litre, a full 18 cents more than in the South Okanagan.

Energy Analyst Dan McTeague says a gas war must be the reason for Penticton's cheap pump price.

"One city, Penticton, gasoline is being sold below cost, so its a gas war. In Kelowna, gas prices are significantly higher than they should be. In Penticton they must  have a rich uncle, a generous bank or are selling beef jerky to make up the difference".    

McTeague anticipates gas prices trending down in Kelowna and Vernon in the not so distant future