Wildfire near Westside Road being held at 2 hectares

The BC Wildfire Service is still putting out a wildfire near Westside Road, north of Trader's Cove.

The fire broke out around noon on Tuesday and grew up to 2.5 hectares in size.

Fire Information Officer Justine Hunse says the fire is currently at the "being held" stage, which until this year used to be referred to as the “mop up” stage.

“The BC Wildfire Service is estimating the Blue Grouse Mountain to be at 2 hectares in size,” she says “we have 26 firefighters on the scene and 2 fire cause and origin investigators as well.”

Aircraft is no longer being used to suppress the fire.

Hunse says the cause is still under investigation, however pictures shared on social media by a person claiming to have discovered the fire, show an unattended campfire may have started the wildfire.  

Pictures shared on social media by a man claiming to have discovered the fire show an unattended campsite near the fire. (Shawn Lafond)