Windows smashed at Glenmore Elementary causing $10,000 in damages

Glenmore Elementary School has been hit with $10,000 worth of vandalism after 37 windows were broken, air conditioning units were damaged and a control panel box was partially pried open last weekend. 

School District 23 Secretary-Treasurer, Larry Pauls says it's some of the worst vandalism the district has seen in recent years.

“This particular school seems to have been hit a couple of times but we do have it happen elsewhere in the district where windows are exposed, not to this extent,” he says “I think this level of damage we haven’t had in many years in one particular school, it’s always usually one or two.”

Repairs have already been completed and the school is ready for the first day. Money to fix the damage was taken out of the maintenance budget, leaving the department with fewer funds to work with going into the school year.

Pauls says security patrols have been ramped up and the district is looking into adding more lighting around the school or installing video surveillance.

Kelowna RCMP say they are investigating the incident and are looking for anyone with information to come forward.