WK homeowners to pay for more curbside garbage pickup

Fees for garbage pickup in West Kelowna are going up.

At its meeting Tuesday, council approved the 20% increase to the fee for curbside service.

West Kelowna CAO Jim Zaffino explained the reasoning.

"One is the tipping fees for the City of Kelowna have increased materially, and that's something that is out of this council's control," he said.

"Also, there's a material increase in expected new carts, which essentially went from $50,000 to $80,000, so that's an additional $30,000 (in the budget)."

Kelowna council approved the fee hikes at the Glenmore landfill last year, which staff said was a move to bring the city in line with fees charged in other ones.

Zaffino says the city's not prepared to recover the fees through taxation.

"We're looking at just under a $200,000 increase in tipping fees. So it does require an increase because it's one of those user fees is that is break-even. So it's not funded by taxes," he said.

The annual rate for homeowners will now be just under $200.