Zombies taking over Stuart Park for Thriller dance

About one hundred people dressed as zombies will be taking over Stuart Park tomorrow, but it's not for Halloween.

They'll be joining thousands others across the world for Thrill the World.

Local organizer Mike Guzzi says it’s an annual tribute for one of Michael Jackson's most popular songs.

“It’s designed to honour both Michael Jackson and the release of the thriller album and of course they’re doing it zombie style,” he said.  “It happens worldwide at a specific time, 10 o’clock Greenwich Mean Time which is 3pm here in Kelowna so we all try to get together and dance to thriller around the world at exactly the same time”

Last year about 4,300 people worldwide participated in the event.

The Kelowna Thrill the World is at 3pm on Saturday, October 29 at Stuart Park. Guzzi says the music will start at 3pm on the dot. 

They’ll be collecting non-perishable food items.