Owners Urged to Keep Dogs Away From Marijuana

Veterinarians are warning dog owners: dogs and cannabis don't mix.

There has been an increase in dogs becoming sick due to consumption of marijuana products. With the impending legalization of pot in Canada, there is concern that there will be more cases such as this.

The chemical tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is very toxic to canines, affecting their neurological systems.

Kelowna SPCA Branch Manager Sean Hogan says pet owners should never, ever treat their animals with marijuana for illnesses like they would for some humans.

"My best advice to anybody who has a pet is that they should be aware that giving (marijuana) products to their pets may have unknown side effects," says Hogan. "If a person thinks that they need to be treating their animal for something like pain management or maybe a digestive issue, they should meet with their veterinarian and discuss that with them." 

Side effects of canine exposure to marijuana can include emotional distress, mobility problems, and in rare cases, death.