Penticton Mosaic Tile Project Unveiled

Penticton's contribution to the Canada 150 Mosaic Tile project was unveiled on Friday, at the Penticton Community Center.

The 8 foot by 8 foot mosaic now hangs on the outside wall, underneath the sign for the Cleland Theatre.

 Allison Markin is the chair of the Arts, Creative and Cultural Innovations Committee, and says it contains over 400 tiles painted by the community.

"It's nice to have a piece of art that if you painted a tile, no matter who you are or what your ability is, you can come down here and look at it, and touch it, and interact with it, which is really great," says Markin. 

The mosiac contains staples of the Penticton area, including the Peach, the Ogopogo, The iconic Penticton sign, and plenty of references to wine.