Barrie thirsting for Stanley Cup

Tyson Barrie is one of 16 former Kelowna Rockets playing in the NHL this season.

The 27 year-old is starring with the Colorado Avalanche.

Barrie has accomplished a lot in his 8 seasons in the NHL, but still thirst for the Stanley Cup.

"You just don't want the opportunity to slip away and find yourself at the end of your career without a Stanley Cup, which happens to a lot of guys".   

Barrie is one of the top offensive defenceman in the NHL and is two assists shy of 200 for his career. 

"I never truly believed I would play in the NHL until I played my first game. That was pretty surreal for me. To see the game going the way it is, it is getting fast and you have to move the puck and skate and be smart, I think that is great for the game and fun to watch. I am just glad I didn't miss the boat", Barrie added.  

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