BCFC won't follow CFL on changes to balls

The BC Football Conference won't be following the CFL's lead when it comes to changing the size of their footballs.

The CFL announced in late March that it will be rolling out a new ball for the 2018 season that uses a slightly harder leather that is essentially the same as what is used in the NFL.

Okanagan Sun Head Coach Ben Macauley says he's fine with the ball they are currently using.

"Locally here, we play on grass surface which tends to have a bit of a dampness to it so it changes the tackness of the football. That will probably have a greater effect for us than the slight eighth of an inch of inflation, so we'd prefer to have a leather that response well to a wet environment".              

The new CFL football, identical in size and shape to an NFL ball makes it easier to throw and catch and is being used to improve scoring.

The BCFC, which is under the umbrella of the Canadian Junior Football League. is currently under contract to use the Nike Vapor One ball.