Fiddler joins Rockets coaching staff



Vernon Fiddler has come full circle.

A former player of the Kelowna Rockets in the late 90's, the 39 year-old has been hired as an assistant coach.

"I have been through the trenches. I am looking forward to getting on the ice and developing their skills".

Fiddler played close to 900 games in the NHL before retiring in 2017.

"I am going to be a guy that expects a lot and I hope the players expect a lot out of me".

Fiddler will work primarily with the forwards while assistant coach Kris Mallette will again provide wisdom to the d-core.

"I have played against Adam Foote. We have had many verbal disagreements on the ice. Our coaching staff is going to expect nothing but a full commitment from our team and I am just looking forward to working with those two guys and get this team rolling in the right direction."

Fiddler spent this past winter in Dallas working the Stars top prospects.

"He brings a lot, we're thrilled to have him join our organization," said Kelowna Rockets GM Bruce Hamilton. "We really wanted to find a forward for our coaching staff. I think it's great that Fiddler is a former Rocket player, he has some experience working with the Dallas Stars and had a great NHL career."

The move should be an easy one for the likable Fiddler, who already owns a home in Kelowna that he and his wife, son and daughter will easily move into. 

"I'm excited for our staff, but more importantly our players," said head coach Adam Foote. "In my opinion, from the years I played against Fiddler I thought he had a really high hockey IQ and I loved how he played with confidence. He brings wisdom and years of his experience that our players have not had that in the forward position that can help teach them. I feel we're very fortunate to have a guy of this level on our team."