Ice, Ice baby!

On the eve of the Memorial Cup in Regina, a Kelowna resident is working diligently behind the scenes making sure the tournament goes off without a hitch.

While Wayne Pansegrau won't be responsible for what happens on the ice, he will be held accountable for how the ice in the building holds up.

Pansegrau and his company, Top Shelf Arena Services, are busy making sure the playing surface is the best it can be.

"You always want to be better and give them the best sheet of ice so they can be better and so they can't blame the ice for a loss", Pansegrau said with a chuckle. "This is the time of the year to get it all dialed in and give your best effort".           

Pansegrau is no stranger to preparing the ice at the Memorial Cup. He was the official icemaker last year in Windsor, in Red Deer in 2016, in London in 2014 and will again be responsible for everything ice related when the Memorial Cup is played in Halifax in 2019.  

"I think they (Memorial Cup) are all pretty special, but obviously the 100th in Regina is a pretty big deal. To be involved in it is pretty special for me and I don't take it for granted for sure." 

Pansegrau will be watching each game intently at the Memorial Cup, but his optics are much different then your average hockey fan.

"I look for how the two teams pass the puck. Can they accept it cleanly? Are the pucks bouncing? I also look to see the snow buildup on the ice, which is never a good sign."