MacDonald ready for next fight

After suffering a broken nose at UFC 189 to Robbie Lawler and a subsequent loss last June to Stephen Thompson, Rory MacDonald is back in the Octagon May19th.

At ringside, against challenger Paul Daley, will be long time Kelowna coach David Lea.

Lea has been working with MacDonald since the two crossed paths 12 years ago.

"The thing that separates him (MacDonald) from everybody else is his focus. To be able keep that focus and keep all those outside distractions in check for as long as he has done is really a testament to his drive to win and his ability to keep his eye on the prize."      

Now 27, MacDonald, who spends the majority of his time training in Montreal, decided to come back to his roots by training with Lea in Kelowna.

The two are headed to London, England, next week, for the big fight. 

"He is looking amazing right now. We had a lot of guys from UFC out helping him prepare. My God, it was some rough days for some of his training partners", Lea added.