Okanagan Sun make annual donation to scholarship fund

For the seventh straight year, the Okanagan Sun are announcing a significant contribution to the team’s scholarship fund, in partnership with the team at Scotiabank in Kelowna.

This year, Scotiabank and the Sun have partnered to make a $10,000 contribution towards player scholarships.

Back in September, the Sun hosted their annual Sunfest scholarship fundraiser, and sold prize balloons throughout the night.

After selling $5000 worth of balloons that night, Scotiabank stepped up with a matching $5000 donation of their own.

“The Okanagan Sun are proud to be able to offer our athletes the opportunity to further their studies at Kelowna’s post-secondary institutions,” said Sun President Les Weiss.

“This wouldn’t be possible without the continued contributions from the team at Scotiabank, along with the year-in, year-out support from our fans and community partners.”

Since its establishment in 2011, the scholarship fund has helped more than 100 former players continue their education off the football field.