Power outage caused by wildlife

A sudden power outage in Kelowna Wednesday night left 6,800 Fortis BC customers without power from 10:55 PM to 12:30 AM.

Fortis BC confirmed that this was not a planned outage, and that crews are investigating the cause.

So far, they have narrowed it down to pesky animals causing the outage.

“The cause of the outage was determined to be wildlife affecting our station” says Fortis Communications Advisor Nicole Bogdanovic. “When a station goes down, we have to bring it back really carefully – one set of customers at a time.”

The outage extended from Bernard Avenue in the north to KLO Road in the south and from City Park in the west to Gordon Drive in the east.

Bogdanovic clarified that KGH had a backup power source in case of an outage, so it would have been operational Wednesday night.