Two Robberies

 Vernon RCMP are investigating two robberies.  

Thursday night at closing time, the Dollar Tree Store on 43rd Avenue was robbed.
Const.  Jocelyn Noseworthy says they have a description from staff.  The suspect had his shirt pulled over his face, he was wearing a black jacket and had a back pack.   She says it's the second time in the last 2 months the store has been robbed.

Then Friday night at 9:45 the Subway on 27th Street was robbed.
The description is similar.  Noseworthy says the suspect is Caucasian,  5-9, was wearing a black winter jacket, gloves and carrying a black duffle bag.

In both robberies the suspect  didn't produce a weapon, but took off on foot with cash.  There were no customers,  just staff.

The police dog was brought in, but wasn't able to track a suspect.  Noseworthy says they will be checking video from both locations in an effort to see if it may be the same suspect.