Bizarre Meghan Trainor Press Release Goes Viral

A bizarre press release promoting Meghan Trainor’s new EP, The Love Train, went viral over the weekend – and its author is making no apologies.

“A lot of people absolutely HATE the press release I wrote for Meghan Trainor and claim it seems like ‘a horny 12 year old with no writing experience’ must have written it,” tweeted Caroline Goldfarb, a writer for The Late Late Show.

“Jokes on them because I’m actually a horny 28 year old with *some* writing experience.”

On social media, the press release was described as “absolutely insane” and “a crime against… everybody.” One person said it “has just given me a UTI.”

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The release referred to “smashing bae’s junk to smithereens” on Valentine’s Day and referenced Trainor’s recent marriage to actor Daryl Sabara.

“We know you want to hear songs about all the hot newlywed sex Meghan and Daryl Sa-BAE-ra are having (did you see what we did there?),” it read.

One song on the EP “slaps so hard you’ll be standing for days,” according to the release.

Of the single “Marry Me,” it said: “Meghan wrote the song thirty days after meeting Daryl, and it was so good that she walked down the aisle to it. We know, it’s a little bit #Vomworthy, but also, am I chopping onions right now or are those tears rolling down my face? I’m not crying, you’re crying.”

On Twitter, Goldfarb piled on. “Trivia: The original draft had a line about Meghan buying sex toys with the ginger from Spy Kids but they took it out.”