WATCH: Miley Cyrus Updates 'Santa Baby' Lyrics

Miley Cyrus has put a feminist spin on the holiday standard, “Santa Baby.”

Appearing in a sketch on Thursday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Cyrus reviews the lyrics with Fallon.

“Am I saying that I’m going to hook up with Santa if he buys me all this stuff?,” she asks, before performing a revised version of the song.

She sings: “Don’t want diamonds, cash or stocks / nothing that comes in a box / no more fluff, I’ve had enough / and I can buy my own damn stuff.

“Listen Santa to what I say / A girl's best friend is equal pay / Stop interrupting me when I talk / And don’t text me pictures of your ****.”

Fallon and Mark Ronson don turtlenecks and cardigans be Cyrus’ back-up dancers.

“Santa Baby,” written in 1953 by Joan Javits and Philip Springer, was originally recorded by Eartha Kitt.