• Lynn Martin

    Lynn Martin - 10am - Is it harder to lose a pet than a Relative or Friend?

  • Lynn Martin

    Lynn Martin - 9am - Parenting win or lose

    Have you punished for bad grades?
  • Goodbye to the Dome

    The Pontiac Silverdome is set to be demolished. Mike and Lisa talked about the big moments in Silverdome history.
  • Lisa's Celebrity Dirt: 3/30/2017

    Alec Baldwin is a natural, Jimmy Fallon returns to SNL, Superbowl in Vegas? DWTS Contestant to call it quits?
  • Come With Us Sir

    Windsor native Josh Jorgensen is the host of BlacktipH, a big game fishing show. Josh was asked by Donald Trump Jr to go fishing on the weekend and joined Mike and Lisa to tell his story.
  • Answer Me This: 3/29/2017

    London Knights play by play guy Mike Stubbs went up against our contestant. 5 questions, 30 seconds. See how you stack up.
  • Mike and Lisa Getting Chirped

    The battle between London and Windsor continues between Mike, Lisa and Steve and the Taz Show in London.
  • Lynn Martin

    Lynn Martin - 11am - 5th and Final Run for Rocky

  • Afternoon News - 4:50pm - Walkerville Power Building

    Councillor Chris Holt will talk about the future of the Walker Power Building
  • Afternoon News - 4:20pm - Health Active Living – WECHU

    We learned about Type 2 diabetes
  • Afternoon News - 3:50pm - History affects economics

    We brought you a portion of that address
  • Afternoon News - 3:20pm - Pylon 7-on-7 football qualifier

    We learned more from CFL legendary quarterback Damon Allen