• Carnival ride safety and inspection

    Communications Manager Steve Robinson of TSSA talks with Mike & Lisa after a fatal incident in Ohio.
  • Are they real or fake?

    Can Mike and Lisa spot a counterfeit bill? What can you do to avoid getting scammed?
  • Thanks for nothing

    Are you tired of recieving them? Are they old school?
  • Lisa's Celebrity Dirt

    How did Justin Bieber hit somebody with a truck last night?
  • Afternoon News - 5:20pm - Tony Orlando to Perform in his Fave City - WINDSOR

  • Afternoon News - 4:20pm - National Affairs with Evan Solomon

  • Afternoon News - 3:50pm - Decorating the Bland Bell Boxes in Lasalle

  • Afternoon News - 3:20pm - The Island Unplugged

  • Lynn Martin

    Lynn Martin - 10am - What would you rather spend $ on-experiences or stuff?

  • Lynn Martin

    Lynn Martin - 9am - Taxed to death?

    We've paid $4.9 trillion since income tax introduced 100 yrs ago
  • Answer Me This!

    WIFF's Vincent Georgie battles this weeks contestant.
  • Real News vs. Fake News

    Can you tell the difference between Real ones and Fake ones?