• Experts On Call- 10am- Downtown Mission

    Find out how to help and get involved with the Downtown Mission
  • Experts On Call- 9am- Adventure Bay

    Find out all about what's going on Family Day and all their new pricing
  • Sunday Morning Live- Windsor Express

    Kara chats with President and CEO of the Windsor Express Dartis Willis about "Put On Your Pink Day"
  • Sunday Morning Live- Inspire Segment - Safe Windsor Essex

    Kara talks with Co-Chair Patrick Kelly about teaming up with The Windsor Express to end bullying
  • Experts on Call - 12pm - Dr. Moussa

  • Experts on Call - 11am - Schisler Spine

  • Experts on Call - 10am - Children's Aid Society

  • Experts on Call - 9am - Massage Experts

  • Live and Local - Family Day at Tecumseh Mall

    Find out what to expect for the Family Day
  • The Afternoon News- 4:50pm- Pink Shirt Basketball Game

    This weekend it's the Pink Shirt Day at the Windsor-Express basketball game.
  • The Afternoon News- 4:20pm- Chocolate Lovers Brunch and Family Day events

    On our Food & Drink feature - we had some details on the upcoming Chocolate lovers brunch - and a look at what's going on for Family Day Monday.
  • The Afternoon News- 3:50pm- It Could be a Record-Breaking Weekend for Warm Weather.

    It's About to warm up...we heard from Climatologist David Phillips.